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Manufactures cement products

 Enonbrick was started by the Transand group in 2000 to add value to the aggregate products and has established a large range of quality cement products.


 The name enon comes from the word “enonconglom” – a very hard sandstone, which form part of the quality of the products. They supply throughout the Southern Cape to all clients and has a modern delivery fleet. The knowledge of cement specialist Stefan Wittmann supports the company’s slogan “Our quality...your pride”.


Advantages of Enonbrick:

Our products can be used to build homes as well as garden structures such as retaining walls and driveway and walkway paving. Our hollow building blocks can be used in the construction of low cost housing, are lighter and easy to handle. All their products are highly durable and low on maintenance.

 Enonbrick manufactures the following cement products: Bevel -, Interlock -,

Hexagon -, Traditional and Cobble Pavers; Stock Bricks and Face Bricks; Building Blocks and Retaining Blocks. All of these are available in a variety of colours and textures to suit your need. They also manufacture pre-cast kerbs.

 Our products are an all-round winner in the masonry production and construction industry.

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